The most effective cleaning technique for commercial property owners

The most effective cleaning technique for commercial property owners

Commercial properties are harder to maintain than residential ones. Workplaces and offices are full of people and the owners have to take care of their health. Viruses are easily passed in an unclean environment.


Working people spend most of their time at the office and no one should be breathing bacteria-filled air for hours. you want to create a safe and clean working space for your employees. It’s already tiring to complete one task after another whole day, the polluted environment will only make things worse.


There will be holiday office parties, important presentations, conferences, and other events that hold risks of passing bacteria.  Therefore, whether you are a commercial property manager or an owner, you must learn the most effective cleaning techniques.

1.  Hire Professionals

Working space can only be cleaned for so long, no one likely has time to thoroughly tidy around their desks. Disinfection cleaning is crucial to the workspace.


You might get a cleaning crew at your office to sweep the floors and clean the dust, but some dirt just seems impossible to reach. Certain corners of your office can only be cleaned if you put in a lot of effort.


Professional cleaning service providers are not difficult to find. It is difficult, however, to find professionals who get the job done well. You don’t need to reach out to professional cleaning service companies every day, but when there are great events, it’s best to hire a crew.

2.  Choose The Right Products

If you already have a crew that consists of professional cleaners, you need to provide them with the right cleaning equipment. Disinfectants are only effective when you choose the right ones. Moreover, you need to make sure that you have chosen the correct vacuum cleaners.


Most commercial properties are carpeted, therefore, you must make sure that you invest in strong machines that get every bit of dirt and hair. Some spots are difficult to clean, so you need to put in the effort so your employees don’t get allergies at the workplace.


You also need to purchase the best stain removers. When the working environment looks as clean as it is, people tend to perform better. Moreover, when you have important meetings with representatives of other companies, you must make sure that your office is presentable.

Green-Clean Policy

Disinfectants that you use might be dangerous for your crew. Therefore, you must make sure that you have chosen tools that clean thoroughly but are not toxic to humans.


Always use biodegradable cleaning products that are safe for the environment. Although you might have heard a myth that chemical cleaning products are better at cleaning than biodegradable ones, it’s not the case.


Most leading cleaning equipment provider companies in the world use non-chemical products to create cleaning solutions nowadays. You can lower your company’s carbon footprint and save your staff a lot of health issues by using green and eco-friendly products.

3.  Clean Electronics

Offices are full of computers, printers, fax machines, etc. and these devices hold the most dirt. You might have noticed that your laptop or computer gets loud sometimes, that’s because it’s full of dust, so air vents are clogged. This causes polluted air in the office and it also causes your devices to fail.


Therefore, you will have employees who easily get sick and take days off or work slower than usual, and computers that take too long to respond. This way, the tasks will take longer to complete and your company will start to fail.


The first thing to do is clean all electronic devices. You can bring these devices to professionals to clean parts that collect dust and air vents. You also need to clean keyboards and computer screens, viruses are spread by touch, this way you will be protecting your employees.

4.  Invest in a DishWasher

Kitchen appliances are important for an office. Your crew doesn’t have much time to heat their meals well, so you need a good microwave. They need energy so you need coffee machines.


As for tidiness, employees might not always clean their cups and plates well. Although they might always wash the dishes they use, if they are in a rush to get back to work and finish important projects, they might not do a great job. Moreover, not every employee is as tidy as others.


You need to invest in a dishwashing machine, preferably a very good one. This way you can make sure that the kitchenware is always clean and ready to use without spreading bacteria around the commercial property.


5.  Bathroom Sanitation

Bathrooms must always be clean. Especially when a staff of over 10 people uses it daily. No matter how careful you are, you can’t check how sanitary your staff members are. Diseases are mostly spread by public bathrooms and a commercial property bathroom is pretty much public.


You need to make sure that bathrooms are sanitized daily by creating a cleaning schedule for wet spots. You can boost the productivity of your staff members by keeping the working environment safe and clean.


Cleaning the bathroom includes sanitizing door knobs, sinks, and taps. Especially, you need to worry about toilet sanitation. Regularly provide soaps for your employees and paper towels. You should try your best to avoid any germs and bacteria being spread among your staff members.

Final Thoughts

A clean environment is essential for office workers. No one wants to spend 8-9 hours a day in pollution. You are responsible for the health and well-being of your employees during working hours. You need to ensure that the working atmosphere for your staff is safe and clean. Commercial properties ought to be sanitized at all times so the tasks are efficiently completed and there are no virus outbreaks among employees.