Eco Office Cleaning & Workspace Wellbeing Specialists Proven to:

Protect your staff’s
health at work
Create staff
Boost staff
Create positive
staff perceptions

Dazzle creates hygienically clean environments with ‘Office wellbeing solutions’ that keep your teams and customers engaged.

Dazzle Office Cleaning Company London, doesn't believe commercial cleaning should be the only solution to a happy office.

We devote time out of our busy schedules every week to clean and tidy our homes, so why should your place of work be any different? At Dazzle Office Cleaning Company London, we provide commercial cleaning services, coupled with ‘workspace wellbeing solutions’. We're on a mission to reduce our carbon footprint, so much so all of our teams travel by foot and public(electric)transport and we do not own any fleet vehicles..

So what is work space well-being?

It’s providing an environment where staff and clients feel the workplace looks and feels visually pleasing, by providing experiences such as:

All our services are personally curated and delivered by Dazzle

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Window cleaning / Deep cleans / 
Hyper sterile carpet cleaning / Sanitary bin hire /Toilet air freshners

Office wellbeing solutions

Fruit boxes  / Healthy Snack packs / Vegan Solutions

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