Dazzle is on a mission!

To improve the workplace for staff and customers whilst visiting and working on site.

Did you know London workers spend 3,515 full days at work over the course of their lifetime! Since COVID this is subject to change marginally, so it's only fair you look after your teams and visiting customers in the best possible way.

Dazzle' believed the cleaning industry needed disrupting for the greater good! We saw a gap in the market to provide commercial cleaning services coupled with office wellbeing solutions, utilsiing Tech as a key enabler and voilà – Dazzle was born.

Did you know we're a Green, Tech Led Company with a focus on BioHygienic (non-toxic products).

We're on a mission to reduce our carbon footprint, so much so all of our teams travel by foot and public(electric)transport and we do not own any fleet vehicles. We're on a mission to be the leading ethical and sustainble contract cleaning company in the UK.

Our concept is simply to look after your staff's wellbeing

By providing your staff with a hyper sterile and clean workplace, whether that’s using our general office cleaning services and or an office wellbeing solution, that creates a workplace that your staff want to be apart of. We're BIG advocates of reducing our carbon footprint, and took the decision NOT to use any cars in our business. All our staff use public transport to get to their jobs.

What is Workspace Wellbeing?

It's where the employer creates an environment where staff and visiting
clients alike, can experience a workplace that looks and feels
engaging through the use of brand experiences such as:

Air purifiers
removing all types of air pollution including viruses, bacteria, dust, allergens and also gaseous pollutants like VOCs (volatile Organic Compounds) tobacco smoke and traffic pollution
Hand Sanitizer Stations
Office fruit packages
for teams, reception & client zones
Office flowers & Trees
Design, install and maintenance of office flowers, plants, wall plants and trees (real/artificial available)
Drink packages
including alcoholic drinks for teams and client zones
Healthy Snack packs/boxes
for teams and client zones

All our services are personally curated and delivered by Dazzle.

Just some of our happy customers

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