Tips for combating office cleaning post pandemic

5 TIPS for Dealing with Stress at Dirty Workplace


Did you know that the average individual works at their job for more than 90,000 hours throughout their lifetime? This equates to nearly a third of life. According to studies, people who work in messy environments frequently experience stress and may feel overwhelmed by having to constantly look for documents, step over piles of clutter, or move around a dirty desktop and workplace.




Not only is this annoying and stressful, but it’s also quite unsafe. Cancer, allergies, heart disease, and a predisposition to colds and the flu are among risks that stress increases. Stress can also sap your energy, cause fatigue, and increase negative thoughts that contribute to anxious feelings.



Here are the top 5 tips for more organized and cleaner workspace:

  • Make a to-do list – it will help you stay on path and organized.
  • Eliminate the Clutter – get rid of all items that you simply are not using anymore. The more items you can       eliminate, the more mental space you give yourself.
  • Clean your desk, keyboard and mouse regularly.
  • Organize your desk, drawers, and desktop too
  • Hire a professional office cleaning company to help you maintain a clean and safe workspace!


 In your home, you wouldn’t tolerate chaos, clutter, or dirty areas. Why should you tolerate it at the workplace? If you need professional help in getting a safe and clean office, contact Dazzle today and get your FREE quote in a couple of minutes! We provide the best commercial cleaning and office cleaning and wellbeing solutions in London and Birmingham.