Building a Schedule for Office Cleaning

Building a Schedule for Office Cleaning

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Building a Schedule for Office Cleaning

Organizations need a cleaning schedule to ensure their offices are tidy and germ-free. There are a lot of people spending hours at the same place every day. Therefore, it’s necessary to have an organized cleaning routine.

As a business owner or commercial property manager, you must ensure that everyone in the company’s working environment is safe. Health problems caused by microorganisms and dust that collect in the workplace might jeopardize worker safety. It is critical to keep the office clean and safe for your staff.

Why a Cleaning Schedule is Important in an Office

Dust-filled environments can often make people feel tired and dizzy. A room full of dirt and clutter might make your employees feel lazy and unproductive. People work better in clean and trash-free spaces. If handkerchiefs, empty bottles, and crumbled-up pieces of paper lying around the desks, your employees might become distracted.

Moreover, a clean environment is a healthy and safe one. By keeping a cleaning schedule in your office, you can recycle and help the environment stay green. You can also help your employees feel better and healthy.

We can look into some simple office cleaning scheduling tactics that could help you save time and stay productive.

An online cleaning schedule

Most companies use online schedules for different tasks. You can keep track of the dates by setting up reminders. An online schedule can also help you make a list of priorities in a specific order.

Creating an online cleaning schedule is very simple. You can give your employees cleaning tasks depending on their workload and willingness to help out. You can also keep deadlines to know what needs to be done in the first place. Some cleaning tasks are more urgent than others.

Cleaning zones

Some parts of the office need to be cleaned more frequently than others. If you want to have a clean and healthy environment, it’s best to schedule around the office zones in order.


Bathrooms are the wet spot of the office. A lot of your employees use them daily. Therefore, a nightly bathroom cleaning is recommended. You must ensure that no germs are flying around when your employees need to use the restroom. You need to ensure that there are no unpleasant odors in your office bathrooms. You can make the job easier by using air hand dryers and air conditioners.

Reception and Foyer

Clients and partners have to wait in the foyer for a while. Therefore, it’s important for your company and its reputation to have a clean waiting area. A foyer is usually where a lot of people gather to ask for information and wait for meetings. You can keep the name of a professional business by ensuring that your reception is always fresh, clean, and smells nice.

Office Rooms

Your employees spend the majority of their time in their offices, by their desks. You can only keep their health safe by ensuring that their desks and office rooms are always clean. You could enforce some rules that limit employees from cluttering up their desks and bringing food to their office rooms. This is a way to avoid dirt gathering in office rooms and any uninvited pests wandering into your office. However, you can’t forbid your employees from enjoying a cup of coffee or some snacks by their desks, therefore remember to put office rooms high on your cleaning schedule.


The kitchen is the shared space of the office. This is where your employees enjoy their lunch breaks most of the time. Regular employees will not have the time to clean up and wash the dishes every time they have a meal at the office. Therefore, keeping a dishwasher is advised. The kitchen should be cleaned nearly every day to avoid food leftover odors.

Meeting Rooms

Multiple meetings, business proposals, and partnerships are some of the benefits of being a business owner. You can only impress your business partners and vendors by inviting them into a clean meeting room with fresh scents.

Business Variation

Businesses are different from each other. Depending on the type of business that you do, you might need a new type of cleaning schedule. Here are several things to keep in mind before coming up with an office cleaning routine.

  • Size – the size of your office is important to keep in mind. If your office is large with over 15 employees, you might want to hire a big group of cleaning staff and keep a prominent cleaning schedule.
  • Hours – You can’t ask for a cleaning service during office hours. It’s important to keep the cleaning schedule separate from the working hours to ensure that your employees don’t get overwhelmed and distracted.
  • Waste – the cleaning schedule should work around the waste that your office generates. You can stay ethical by removing the waste and recycling accordingly.
  • Events – depending on how often your office holds big events such as office parties, large meetings, and business presentations, you may need to add changes to the cleaning schedule regularly.

In a healthy and clean atmosphere, your staff are far more likely to stay productive. As a result, establish a clean cleaning routine to get rid of dust, clutter, and garbage on a regular basis. Consider employing a property management system because it has assisted business owners in developing trust in their staff that the working environment will be taken care of at any time.