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Don’t settle for less when it comes to commercial cleaning in the City of London – choose Dazzle. At Dazzle, we’re passionate about delivering the exceptional cleanliness you require. We offer a host of services to keep you and your team healthy and happy whilst impressing any visitors you might welcome through your doors. The solutions we provide keep staff illness to a minimum and make your workplace a great place to do business.

Boosting productivity and positivity

A major thing that sets Dazzle apart from the competition is that we also offer high-quality workspace wellbeing packages which include treats like fruit, snacks, beer and wine. We believe these packages are highly effective in boosting workplace morale and making staff more productive. Fruit can be particularly effective in improving workplace performance and ensuring staff get the nutrition that they need.

Stay safe with Dazzle

We can offer a series of anti-Covid cleaning treatments and can keep you safe and healthy both in and out of pandemics. Talk to us today to find out more about our City of London commercial cleaning services. Sign up for our services and you’ll be given access to your very own account manager who will ensure all your wishes are met. Why not join a customer network that consists of London’s most prestigious brands today? Whether you need general cleaning, deep cleans, window cleaning, hyper sterile carpet cleaning or any other form of commercial cleaning in the City of London, we can help.

Our concept is simply to look after your staff's wellbeing

By providing your staff with a sterile and clean workplace, whether that’s using our general office cleaning services and or an office wellbeing solution, that creates a workplace that your staff want to be apart of.

What is Workspace Wellbeing?

It's where the employer creates an environment where staff and visiting
clients alike, can experience a workplace that looks and feels
engaging through the use of brand experiences such as:

Air purifiers
removing all types of air pollution including viruses, bacteria, dust, allergens and also gaseous pollutants like VOCs (volatile Organic Compounds) tobacco smoke and traffic pollution
Hand Sanitizer Stations
Office fruit packages
for teams, reception & client zones
Office flowers & Trees
Design, install and maintenance of office flowers, plants, wall plants and trees (real/artificial available)
Drink packages
including alcoholic drinks for teams and client zones
Snack packs/boxes
for teams and client zones

All our services are delivered and personally serviced by our Dazzle teams.

Some of our happy customers

  • vodafone
  • Sanderson

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