Office Cleaning Trends in 2022

Office Cleaning Trends in 2022

Did you know that every year, the Cleaning Industry in the UK contributes £54.5 billion to the economy. Big part of the janitorial industry is commercial cleaning. With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, commercial cleaning services became more significant than ever. With the threat of infectious diseases, this industry had to adapt to heightened cleaning standards. Here are TOP 5 Commercial Cleaning trends in 2022:


Continual and High Standard Cleaning

As mentioned, the need for improved hygiene and increased cleanliness standards have become a must. And it is so not only in offices but everywhere.


A Sense of Security and Healthy Environment for Returning Employees, Customers and Clients

We can no longer accept that cleaning and disinfection can be put on the back burner in favor of other activities as life becomes busy once again. Employees, clients, and customers should feel more at ease knowing that the locations they visit have been thoroughly cleaned.


Improved Communication

In order to ensure that the right services are provided in accordance with the demands of the circumstance, communication is essential.


Eco-Friendly Products

To establish a healthy and environmentally-friendly office, the eco-friendly lifestyle could also be implemented in work settings. These wise actions help lower your running costs while simultaneously protecting the environment. Read more on how to become an eco-friendly office in our latest post. 


Using Tech Solutions for Efficiency and Responsiveness

The integration of technology in cleaning services provides efficient delivery and high standards. In addition to using the latest technology in the cleaning industry for sanitation and through cleanliness, commercial companies who follow the latest trends use apps for controlled task lists, live check in/out of staff, quick communication with clients etc.



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