Office Cleaning in City of London

Most likely you have stumbled across this page as you have been let down by your current City of London cleaning company? If so, this is something we hear all too often at Dazzle and it’s wrong! The issue is the cleaning industry generally works on a set and forget process due to lack of technology. What do we mean by this? Simply put, cleaning contracts are awarded, the clean starts and the cleaners are never trained or continuously monitored. Why? It’s always been a scalable business with low margins, the issue with scale within the cleaning industry is it has a lot, and we mean a lot of people management and admin required to run the business.

So why do cleaning contracts in general only last 12 months or less in some cases, before a customer wants to change?

As with most Field Service industries, there is a lack of people management, but more importantly, office cleaning companies in the City of London don’t embrace technology. We at Dazzle, are a tech led company so much so, our business benefits from the following cutting edge App’s:

  • T&A Software – Time and attendance software. Which allows us to manage ALL staff via GPS and remote. Which means we know when a cleaner checks in, and checks out of any site. Not only that we also know what jobs have been done or not. On top of that our T&A App allows us to manage holidays and sick day requests like playing chess, quick and fluid. We can have a verified cover cleaner placed on your site in the city of London in no time at all! What was once considered a headache is now like playing chess, we simply slide and place our team to your site.
  • WhatsApp for Business – We have dedicated WhatsApp groups for customer facing and back office communications (fully encrypted), so your query is dealt with in a LIVE manner! Photos and videos build the missing jigsaw in the puzzle. Our dedicated staff will assist you in maintaining your alarm and lock-up data safe and secure, so you don’t have to worry about handing over sensitive data to 3rd party employees. If we have a cover cleaner, we can quickly deploy them equipped with the information they need to do their job safely and effectively.
  • Digital contract signing – All our contracts are digitally signed and upgraded/downgraded by a sophisticated platform, which speeds up the process for onboarding our customers all remotely.
  • ATS software – we have invested in state of the art recruitment and applicant tracking software which allows us to find cleaners in our database within minutes rather than days. Our database is split into London zones and we can communicate over SMS and email to make sure your job fits close to the cleaner’s main address to maintain their interest! All candidates are fully vetted to DBS checks before they start so you can be sure to have a safe and vetted team cleaning your offices.

If you are looking for a new office cleaning company to clean your offices in the City of London, have a look at, we think you will be pleasantly surprised! Not to mention we have a new office dog called Stanley, a sausage dog with style!

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