Office Cleaning as Additional Income Source in the Time of Crisis

Coping With the Cost of Living Crisis With Part-time Secondary Jobs 


The consequences of the cost of living crisis are shockingly increasing every day. The latest research ( see more here) shows that nearly two thirds of UK residents (58%) admitted that they will no longer be able to take part in their hobbies such as fitness classes and this number even rises to 90% for the population under 34s. This age group is arguably the most affected by crippling fuel and energy bills.


The study also revealed startling statistics about families reducing their kids’ extracurricular activities. 70% of parents stated that because they can no longer afford the fuel costs and fees, they will have to reduce their children’s participation in activities like grassroots sports. Young parents are most affected, with 90% considering cutting back.


It seems that rising costs of living are forcing people to choose between eating and fueling their car. In times like these, people are looking for a second or even third additional income source. Office Cleaning jobs in London and Birmingham are a perfect answer to this urgent need. Commercial cleaning jobs are flexible part-time jobs that range between 2 to 6 hours per shift, meaning that it is very easy to combine its hours with current daily jobs. The hourly rate is from £11.05 upto £12.00 and is a great way for a secondary income, especially in the cost of living crisis. is on a mission to assist in the cost of living crisis.


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