Green Cleaning: Eco-Friendly Practices for Commercial Spring Cleaning

Green Cleaning: Eco-Friendly Practices for Commercial Spring Cleaning

Transform your workspace with eco-friendly cleaning tips this spring. Ditch harsh chemicals for a healthier environment!

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If you haven’t heard, read, or used the terms eco-friendly, green, or sustainable several times when you go online, we have some bad news: you are probably from another planet. Just a joke, of course. But, it is true. It is becoming more than a buzzword. More and more people are waking up and accepting the natural consequences of not practising a sustainable lifestyle. 

Eco-friendliness has entered every pore of our society, but the most significant impact is everywhere where there were harmful practices before. One of these places is maintaining cleanliness. While previously keeping places clean involved lots of harsh chemicals that threatened human health, today we witness new and advanced eco-friendly methods and practices to keep areas clean. 

The topic is vast, so let’s focus on this article’s main idea: eco-friendly cleaning of commercial spaces. And let’s talk about spring as it is just around the corner. 

Why Is Typical Cleaning Harmful?

The short answer is: because of the chemicals. The longer answer is that typical cleaning includes harsh chemicals that, when they are used, evaporate into the air. In this way, they pollute the air, directly increasing the health risks and adding to the poor indoor air quality. 

Furthermore, many harsh chemical ingredients disrupt the reproductive and endocrine systems of people who are in contact with them. Also, if they go down the drains, they usually end up in the groundwater due to some leaking points. It may take many years for these chemicals to biodegrade while being toxic all the time. 

What Are Some Good Green Choices for Spring Cleaning of Commercial Spaces?

The solution to the problems that typical cleaning creates is, without a doubt, eco-friendly office cleaning. It includes different ways to clean the work area while maintaining a safe environment. The cleaning products used in such green cleaning are safe, eco-friendly, CFC-free, and biodegradable. 

When shopping around for such products, you must carefully check the labels. Sometimes, some products imply that they have used recycled practices or materials but are not entirely eco-friendly – they still have traces of harmful chemicals as their ingredients. Such ingredients are chlorine, artificial fragrances, phosphates, and artificial colours. When unsure which products will be best for a spring commercial cleaning of your offices, it is better to call for professional help. Otherwise, you can follow the list of eco-friendly ways to protect the environment and still make your commercial space spotless and clean this spring. 

Clean with a Non-Toxic Cleaning Solution

The best thing about non-toxic cleaning solutions is that they won’t exacerbate allergies. People working in these spaces will not suffer from the artificial scents that cause headaches and nausea and will surely appreciate the effort. A clean working space impacts productivity and improves mental health

Air Out the Place Naturally

Everyone needs fresh air and oxygen. Commercial spaces should often be aired; otherwise, the rooms start feeling stuffy. Poor ventilation tires people more quickly and makes them less enthusiastic. 

Reduce Waste

What does reducing the waste mean> Making less waste? How can you control that? Actually, very quickly – you can switch from plastic to reusable glasses and jugs. You can also change food containers  – instead of using plastic for one use, you can use glass or ceramic. 


After the colder months, dusting is one of the main activities of the spring cleaning process. Especially those surfaces that are harder to reach. If you are using paper-based cleaning products, you are in the wrong. Why? Several bins of paper waste is a bad environmental practice – think about how much it pollutes the atmosphere to produce a single ream of paper towels. 

Don’t Use Lots of Water

Can you waste gallons of water during a regular cleaning? Yes, it is a prevalent thing to do. Unfortunately, it is an evil practice for the environment. On the other hand, green cleaners reduce water usage to a bare minimum. Installing water-efficient appliances and fixtures like low-flow faucets and toilets is a good practice. 

Engage the Employees in the Green Cleaning

No, this doesn’t mean you should tell them to clean with you. Better yet, it means educating them on the benefits of practising green solutions for cleaning and maintaining cleanliness. For example, you can encourage them to turn off the lights when they are not using them, properly sort out the waste for recycling, and use their reusable water bottles and coffee cups. You can even brainstorm together to develop new ideas to go green. 


To sum up, more and more businesses are ditching harsh chemicals for eco-friendly cleaning. These chemicals aren’t just harmful to the environment but destructive to our health. Companies can make their workplaces safer, breathe cleaner air, and show they care about the planet by going green. This spring is a perfect business opportunity to jump on the eco-friendly cleaning train for a healthier tomorrow.