Office Cleaning in City of London

If you’re looking for a new way to boost cleanliness, hygiene and workspace wellbeing in the City of London within EC2 and EC3 postcodes, Dazzle can help. At Dazzle, we specialise in offering exceptional office cleaning in the City of London whilst providing you with substantial rewards for your staff to enhance their physical and mental health.

Optimise cleanliness and morale

You’re far more likely to retain talented staff when they feel rewarded, valued and cared for. We are one of the only cleaning services to also specialise in workplace wellbeing. Dazzle can help you and your team stay safe not only during the coronavirus pandemic but when it is finally over too. We aim to provide the finest standard of City of London office cleaning you’ll be offered by anyone, using the most powerful and effective modern equipment and products to meet your needs.

Productive and positive

Although physical health is vital for business success, mental health is also incredibly important. We can provide you with a range of packages to keep your team happy, and these include beers and wines as well as fruit and snacks. The services we provide make staff much more enthusiastic about their duties, bring teams closer together and add joy to the working day.

Going the extra mile

You can count on Dazzle to kill the germs that lead to absences and provide the ultimate in infection prevention control. Our City of London office cleaning services come complete with access to a dedicated manager who will cater for all relevant requirements and answer any questions you might have..

Flawless City of London office cleaning

We have some of the capital’s best-known brands amongst our clientele, delivering everything from window cleaning and deep cleans to workplace wellbeing packages, sanitary hire, air purification, hyper sterile carpet cleaning services and general office cleaning in the City of London and across EC1, EC2 and EC3.

Our concept is simply to look after your staff's wellbeing

By providing your staff with a sterile and clean workplace, whether that’s using our general office cleaning services and or an office wellbeing solution, that creates a workplace that your staff want to be apart of.

What is Workspace Wellbeing?

It's where the employer creates an environment where staff and visiting
clients alike, can experience a workplace that looks and feels
engaging through the use of brand experiences such as:

Air purifiers
removing all types of air pollution including viruses, bacteria, dust, allergens and also gaseous pollutants like VOCs (volatile Organic Compounds) tobacco smoke and traffic pollution
Hand Sanitizer Stations
Office fruit packages
for teams, reception & client zones
Office flowers & Trees
Design, install and maintenance of office flowers, plants, wall plants and trees (real/artificial available)
Drink packages
including alcoholic drinks for teams and client zones
Snack packs/boxes
for teams and client zones

All our services are delivered and personally serviced by our Dazzle teams.

Some of our happy customers

  • vodafone
  • Sanderson

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