Office Cleaning for Shared Offices

At Dazzle, we are ready to help if you need quality office cleaning for shared offices in London. Shared offices have become increasingly popular over recent years as they can be highly cost-effective for their users and provide valuable networking opportunities. However, they can also get very busy, which means dirt and mess can accumulate in no time at all. Dazzle’s highly experienced and skilled professional cleaners can deliver the highest standard of shared office cleaning in London.

A host of quality services

We can offer general cleaning, janitorial services, one-off cleans, deep cleans, window cleaning and much more. We can also provide first-class cleaning for communal areas such as break-out spaces. We use the market’s latest and most powerful cleaning resources to destroy germs, improve health and reduce absenteeism. The services we offer also enable you to make a better first impression when visitors are on the premises. They can also stop illnesses being transmitted between teams working in shared offices.

Shared office wellbeing

We are also well-known for our workplace wellbeing services. These include fruit and snack, beer and wine packages to improve morale amongst staff working in shared offices. Our emphasis on workplace well-being sets us apart from many London cleaning companies. Why not find out more about office cleaning for shared offices in London by contacting us today?

Our concept is simply to look after your staff's wellbeing

By providing your staff with a sterile and clean workplace, whether that’s using our general office cleaning services and or an office wellbeing solution, that creates a workplace that your staff want to be apart of.

What is Workspace Wellbeing?

It's where the employer creates an environment where staff and visiting
clients alike, can experience a workplace that looks and feels
engaging through the use of brand experiences such as:

Air purifiers
removing all types of air pollution including viruses, bacteria, dust, allergens and also gaseous pollutants like VOCs (volatile Organic Compounds) tobacco smoke and traffic pollution
Hand Sanitizer Stations
Office fruit packages
for teams, reception & client zones
Office flowers & Trees
Design, install and maintenance of office flowers, plants, wall plants and trees (real/artificial available)
Drink packages
including alcoholic drinks for teams and client zones
Snack packs/boxes
for teams and client zones

All our services are delivered and personally serviced by our Dazzle teams.

Some of our happy customers

  • vodafone
  • Sanderson

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